Theater Shows

Award-winning songs, lovable characters, solid science and audience participation are all hallmarks of Dinorock Productions, Inc., a nationally recognized children's theatre company that has been around for 30 years.  DINOSAURS FOREVER! a fossil-fantasy musical revue, features beautiful hand, rod, string and body puppets who sing and dance onstage and out in the audience.  Original Grammy® nominated songs are so catchy that the children always join in to sing about and celebrate nature's own monsters, Dinosaurs!

Nelson is a little boy who loves dinosaurs.  He even dreams about them.  Lately, Nelson has been afraid to go to sleep.  He saw "that scary movie about dinosaurs" so now he has dinosaur nightmares.  The dream weavers, Yawn, Stretch and ZEEZEE, arrive to help Nelson have a good dream. They introduce Nelson to baby dinosaurs, who aren't at all scary. Along the way they give him strategies for dealing with scary dreams.  Together with the help of various baby dinosaurs the Dream Weavers guide Nelson through his fears and he conquers his nightmares. The show is based on Dinorock's Grammy® nominated CD Dreamosaurus.

Return with us now to those thrilling days of prehistoric play as Dinorock unmasks a rootin' tootin' fossil fantasy from the old old oooold West. Most folks know about the triceratops, stegosaurus and T.rex.  But what's a cryolophosaurus? why it's the first meat eating dinosaur dug up in the Antarctic.  "Folks who know me call me Elvis. Course most folks don't know me." That's made him a desperado.  He hangs out at the Dew Drop Inn in Fossil Junction, where little known dinosaurs from all over the world mosey on down Main Street just hopin' to be recognized.

A T.rex youngster is missing. His mama is threatenin' to flatten the town if someone doesn't find him soon.  Doc and Curly deputize the audience in an all out effort to round up the toddler right quick before his mama makes good on her threat.

Why call a show The Great Dinosaur Mystery? The entire field of paleontology reads like a detective story; finding the clues (fossils), using the clues as puzzle pieces to assemble creatures never before seen by humans, studying the collected information to solve the mystery of why and how dinosaurs became extinct and, finally, gathering the information from all the detective work to form theories of what our earth was like in prehistory.

What do dinosaurs have to do with the Holidays?!  For starters, children love them both.  Dinosaurs are often big, out of control and green with touches of red just like some holidays.  Dinosaurs are found all over the world.  So are midwinter holidays.  People celebrate with lights and ceremonies to warm their souls through the cold winter months.  Whatever holiday folks celebrate in the winter, they all involve 3 essential elements: lights, food and family.