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DINOSAUR ROCK!  on Rounder Kids Records                                                                        
Created ♦ Arranged ♦ Produced by Michele Valeri and Michael Stein  

 DINOSAUR ROCK!  Winner of both the Parents' Choice® Gold Award and the ALSC's Most Notable List Award this classic children's audio adventure has been called "the TOMMY of children's music" by  The Washington Post       

  DINOSAUR ROCK! has been endorsed by Good Morning, America and the New Yorker magazine. Already in over 200,000 households the remastered version is ready to be enjoyed by a whole new generation of dinosaur lovers.  Follow Professor Jones, the yodeling paleontologist, and his young friends, John and Laurie Watson, as they bring dinosaurs to life with a magic spell at the beach.  Dance a jig and yodel along with the professor as dinosaurs rise out of the sand.  Meet Dinah Diplodocus, a long neck Great Big Mama and her tiny, little baby.  Listen as Stella Stegosaurus says "Hi! to a mean Allosaurus". Stand clear of "Tyrannosaurus ... rex ... rex ... rex ... rex .."  Rock out with New Jersey's own leather-jacketed Hadrosaur from Hackensack.  Ride on the back of a pteranodon: "Leapin' Lizards! I'm a flyin' wizard!" He is NOT a dinosaur.

With technical assistance from paleontologist Ralph Chapman, who was at the Smithsonian Institution when Dinorock produced the CD, Michele and Mike delivered a sparkling musical tribute to nature's own monsters with accurate science , memorable melodies and a very engaging story.  Become part of a dinosaur tradition.  Introduce your children to the wonders of DINOSAUR ROCK!     

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THE GREAT DINOSAUR MYSTERY  on Rounder Kids Records                              
Created by Michele Valeri, Joe Pipik & Ingrid Crepeau
Produced by Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer       

Featuring the cajun band Beausoleil, the legendary guitarist Danny Gatton, Grammy® winners Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer, Michael Stein and many other distinguished musicians "The sequel to DINOSAUR ROCK! ... has the same level of artistry, creativity, educational values and just plain fun as the first." - according to Robert Gasbarre, Artistic Director of the Smithsonian Institution's Discovery Theater.  

THE GREAT DINOSAUR MYSTERY follows female paleontologist Val Vander Plastercaster and the dogged Detective Joe Kafootsie from the halls of a science museum to the Gobi Desert, the Western plains when they were part of the wild west before it was the wild west and a several more WILD and WOOLLY places.  They are investigating the mysterious appearances of extinct dinosaurs.  It seems Detective Kafootsie, Special Forces Strange Phenomena Detail, has found a giant tap shoe near the public library.  An eyewitness claims it belongs to a triceratops.  He's hoping Dr. Vander Plastercaster can help him track down the owner of the shoe.

 Along the way they meet Mama Maiasaura, a good mother lizard in an apron; Dolly Dimetrodon who was "here long before the dinosaurs"; Lumpy and Tumbleweed, a pair of Pachycephalosaurus buckaroos; 3 baby protoceratops; Boris Ankylosaurus, "My mama she always calls me BoBo"; Big Bad Baby rex "My favorite food is meat, meat, meat."  and the 5 flying Ptompson Pterodactyl brothers.  They all have clues for the Doc and Detective from Tootsie.  Who is Tootsie and what is she trying to tell us?

In a musical feast including rock, Cajun, bluegrass, Dixieland, Italian folk waltz, a Russian Cossack chorus and the old soft shoe Valeri, Pipik and Crepeau present a modern day plea for saving the planet.  The dinosaurs all agree "EXTINCTION STINKS!"

*An outstanding recording.  Having seen it performed, and shared the joy of hundreds of children and adults in the clever words and catchy tunes, I'm confident that THE GREAT DINOSAUR MYSTERY will be a great success.                * Don Lessem, founder of the Dinosaur Society and Technical Advisor to the movie Jurassic Park       

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Created by Michele Valeri, Michael Stein & Ingrid Crepeau ♦ Produced by Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer 

Nelson is a little boy who loves dinosaurs so much that he dreams about them.  That's why his mom calls him a Dreamosaurus.  But lately, Nelson's dreams have been scary.  He's having trouble sleeping.  Seems he accidentally saw "that scary movie about dinosaurs and now I have nightmares!"  

Enter the Dream Weavers.  Their job is to help children conquer their nighttime fears so they can get a good night's sleep.  Aided by some adorable baby dinosaurs the Dream Weavers get Nelson to fall asleep so he can confront his fears.  While he dozes Nelson meets six baby dinosaurs, one baby flying reptile and one old misidentified dinosaur skeleton.  They all give him some solid strategies for dealing with nightmares.  There's the ditsy Stegosaurus baby Doris ("I'm just followin' Mom.");  The tiny tango-dancing Tina Titanosaurus; the feisty baby Triceratops Sam ("Crash, Boom, Bam!  I like who I am."); the honking Harry the Hadrosaur ("He's a baby... baby Parasaurolophus. His family is familiar to all of us."); the very cocky Roxie Regina (" Regina means queen and you can call me ma'am. A lady T.rex is what I am.") and the very Shy Kyle the Ankylosaurus ("Don't look at me!") among others. They all have good advice for Nelson in his struggle to get over his nightmares.

Dinorock was thrilled when Dreamosaurus was nominated for a Grammy® for Best Chldren's Musical Recording.  Grateful for all the multi-talented musicians who lent their expertise to this offering, Michele, Michael and Ingrid were honored to work with Keeter Betts (Ella Fitzgerald's bassist), Barry Gordemer (producer of NPR's Morning Edition), Joe Pipik (whose Crash Boom Bam Sam is a standout), and, of course, the multi-istrumentalists and their two-time Grammy® Award winning producers, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, who are, simply, the Best in the Business.

"Dinorock cocreator Michele Valeri, who wrote and performed The Great Dinosaur Mystery with Joe Pipik and Ingrid Crepeau and combined forces with Michael Stein on Dinosaur Rock!, has an unerring ear for appealing musical hooks and witty lyrics - as do her collaborators.  Each Dinorock tune is a singable, danceable, highly informtive nugget of kid-friendly pop.  A winning franchise all around, Dinorock will knock the socks off your Jurassic-loving tot!"

Moira McCormick - Family Fun Magazine, Chicago, Illinois


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Master puppeteer Ingrid Crepeau began her career as a two-time Emmy® winning puppet designer/performer on TV.  She then joined the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts and for the past 30 plus years has been working with preschool teachers in their classrooms and giving professional development workshops around the country on the uses of puppets aimed at early childhood learning.

  On Amazon.com one teacher summed up the book this way:  "Wonderful Book from a True Artist and Early Childhood Educator.  I've been lucky enough to attend two of Ms. Crepeau's workshops at NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) conferences. She is absolutely amazing - not only a gifted puppeteer but also an experienced early childhood  educator with a deep understanding of child development and early learning. This book shares information on making puppets and acting with puppets in an  easy-to-use style. I've used many of Ms. Crepeau's tips and techniques in my teaching and it's helped me use puppets to develp children's language skills, cognitive awareness, and creativity."  



Little Ditties for Itty Bitties: Songs for Infants and Toddlers ♦ Cathy and Marcy's Songshop label

 ♦ Created by Michele Valeri  ♦   Produced by Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer

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More details: www.michelevaleri.com

♦ "Michele Valeri's songs are just the right size for the infants and toddlers in your life.  Not overproduced with too many words and too many instruments, these scaled down arrangements with repetitive vocabulary are very accessible for tots.  The tunes invite interactions between child and caregiver through the lyrics.  There is enough variation between songs (some of them done both in English and Spanish) and the rhythms to make them interesting and downright enchanting to play and sing."  Age:  Infants and toddlers.   from the review accompanying The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award®

♦ "Early childhood teachers frequently told me that they were looking for new songs to share with their children." explains Ms. Valeri.  "I'd been working with preschoolers for 30 years as a Master Artist with the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Performing Arts (Wolf Trap Institute.org) and some of our artists were working with babies and toddlers.  They came to me for new songs to use with the youngest population in early childhood centers.  So I wrote these songs with teachers' needs in mind, songs that they can learn easily and sing on their own, songs that lend themselves to interactive learning."

To further the experience, you'll find that the CD contains a full PDF with lyircds and activity ideas for each song.

"My 22 month old could not get enough of this CD ... he bounced, he danced and - most importantly - listened and followed what was said on the CD. Our favorites: Hurray For My Face, Busy Day, A Dinosaur I Am and Knock, Knock Knock."   - review by AndreaM@MommyPr.com

"Once again, Michele Valeri's music makes our hearts sing! This CD is a celebration of our littlest ones and those who love them."   -Miriam C. Flaherty Willis, Senior Director, Education, Wolf Trap Foundation for The Performing Arts