School Shows

With dinosaur puppets 12 feet long, 6 feet wide and 16 feet high, Dionorock has always appreciated the irony that the most popular characters in their shows are the babies. They decided “why fight it”; and developed a show all about baby dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Babies makes the very real connection between dinosaur babies and human babies. After all “we all started as babies.”

Dinorock's Junkyard Pirates is presented by puppets created from recyclables. This show was funded with a grant from The Jim Henson Foundation and The Wolf Trap Foundation.

Based on Michele's award-winning children's CD, the show introduces American children to their South American neighbors through audience participation, original bilingual songs, authentic Latin rhythms, true travel stories and bright, colorful characters created by Emmy® Award-winning puppeteer Ingrid Crepeau. The performers donate a Mi Casa Es Su Casa Parents' Choice Award® winning CD to the school after the performances.

Meet nature's own record holding monsters!  As the Dinorockers select 7 exceptional creatures from the Mesozoic Era, they emphasize the theme of the show; that dinosaur science is changing rapidly and, so, records made today may be broken tomorrow.  Every extreme prehistoric creature has its own song. This show, which is all about exploration and discovery, is a 45 minute program of interactive sing-alongs recommended for ages 3 through 10 and led by Emmy® winning and Grammy® nominated Ingrid Crepeau and Michele Valeri.