Baby Rex's Holiday Surprise

What do dinosaurs have to do with the Holidays?!  For starters, children love them both.  Dinosaurs are often big, out of control and green with touches of red just like some holidays.  Dinosaurs are found all over the world.  So are midwinter holidays.  People celebrate with lights and ceremonies to warm their souls through the cold winter months.  Whatever holiday folks celebrate in the winter, they all involve 3 essential elements: lights, food and family. So our dinosaurs, who've been found all over the world, introduce the audience to whatever holiday is celebrated in their part of the world. 

Shao Shao Microraptor from the Liainong Province of China introduces, Chinese New Year.  Massimo, the Maxacalisaurus from Brazil, dances the samba for Navidad. Sarah the Saharan Suchomimus represents Ramadan. Leboha the Lesothosaurus learns about Kwanza.  Crash Boom Bam Sam the baby Triceratops shows how the Maccabees took back the temple for Hannukah.  Mama Maiasaura, found in Montana, arrives in a Christmas apron to invite everyone over to the nest for some berry pie. And Big Bad Baby Rex gets a holiday surprise worthy of his kingly title.  And we sing about the Holidays, too!

 We cook, we eat, we count our blessings one by one.      We light the night with candles and before we're done                                We hold each other tight spreading love around.       We sing our songs of hope all around the town.          

lyric from  It's the Holidays   by Michele Valeri ©2008